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Quality Federal Construction

Chamber Mtn. Construction, Inc. has successfully completed a variety of commercial and federal projects in the Southeast and have been know to stretch further. We primarily service government agencies, and our clients have included organizations such as:

• Dept. of Defense
• Dept. of the Navy
• Dept. of the Army
• Army Corps of Engineers
• US Coast Guard

• U.S. Air Force
• Veterans Administration

• USA Forestry service

Construction Work

Our experienced team of contractors is happy to take on your next commercial or federal project. From aesthetic appearances to internal systems and controls, our areas of expertise are varied and numerous. Some common jobs that we take care of include:

Worker Replacing Roof - Federal Construction
• HVAC/Mechanical System Replacements and Modifications
• Roof Replacements
• Site Prep
• Paving
• Grading
• Building Renovations (Patient Room Remodeling)
• Civil work
• Controls (Thermostats, Automated Controls on Mechanical Systems)
• Hospital Wing Remodeling
• Painting
• Drywall Work
• Framing
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Light Fixtures

• Medical Gas Systems
• Flooring
• Doors
• Windows
• Drop Ceilings
• Concrete Work

• Replace/Repair underground utility service, including pipe bursting technology


Contact us to request an estimate on any of our commercial or federal construction.